UNCUCO is a trading company focusing on radio studio & TV studio equipment, radio transmitter, TV transmitter, antenna system. We are providing everything from advice and consultancy through rack integration to installation, commissioning and training.

We offer FM radio station equipment like FM transmitter, FM antenna, coaxial cable broadcast system, and also FM radio studio equipment like Mixing Console, Monitor Headphone, Telephone-Hybrid, Audio Delayer / Tuner, On Air Light / Clock, Table & Chair, Studio Microphone, Monitor Speaker, Headphone, Distribution Amplifier, CD / DVD Player, Automatic Workstation, Microphone Stand, Audio Processor /, Compressor, Recorder, DJ Controller, BOP Cover etc.

We also offer TV station equipment like TV transmitter, TV antenna, coaxial cable broadcast system, and also TV studio equipment like studio Light, Tripod, Wireless Microphone, LED Screen, Clapper Board, Light Stand / Grid, Background, Director Monitor, Wireless Video Transmission, Computer / Drone, Camera, Teleprompter, Video Switcher, Slider Track Rail, Jib Arm, Studio Table etc.

Our solution has FM Radio Station / Analog TV Station / Digital TV Station / Audio & Video Studio Equipment Complete Package.

We are using advanced technology products for all the systems, because we know the high reliability and high performance are so important for the system and solution . At the same time we also have to make sure our products system with a very reasonable price.

We have customers of public and commercial broadcasters, telecommunications operators and regulation authorities , and we also offer solution and products to many hundreds of smaller, local and community broadcasters .

We dedicated in supplying the extremely reasonable pricing of professional products & services.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you!