Announcing the Zacuto Gratical X Micro OLED EVF

Zacuto has announced the Gratical X micro-OLED EVF, featuring the same optics and 5.4-million-pixel display with 10,000:1 contrast ratio as Zacuto¡¯s flagship Gratical HD EVF, only at a lower cost. This makes it easier for you to purchase the Gratical X and enjoy the same clear, crisp high-contrast image that aids you in verifying focus with your camera, while providing you with a cost-effective option to add important features ¨¤ la carte.
The Gratical X is available as a simple EVF with both HDMI and SDI inputs, display adjustments, color bars, and blue gun only. However, Zacuto offers a variety of packages that allow you to upgrade your Gratical X?selectively, gaining only the features you need. Upgradable features include, but are not limited to, activation of the HDMI and SDI outputs, Pixel-to-Pixel zoom, peaking, false color, LUT support, zebra bars, and frame store.
For your Gratical X, you can choose to upgrade with money-saving bundles, or choose an ¨¤ la carte upgrade path. Whichever path you take with your Gratical X, upgrades or not, you end up with a small, sharp, and useful EVF that you can use with almost any camera.

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