Atomos Shogun Firmware 6.4 Adds FS700 / FS7 Raw to ProRes, Anamorphic De-Squeeze, and More

Since the release of the?Shogun?in late 2014, Atomos has steadily offered free firmware updates that expand the already rich feature set of the 4K-capable monitor/recorder. The latest update, AtomOS6.4, is one of the most exciting to date, adding eight new features in total that include the ability to take the DCI 4K RAW output from the?Sony FS700?and?FS7, and record it directly as 4K DCI ProRes or DNxHR files. While there is still no CinemaDNG RAW recording¡ªthis feature will have to wait for the next firmware update¡ªrecording directly to ProRes or DNxHR has its advantages, including smaller file sizes than RAW formats and native playback and editing within popular applications.
While FS700 and FS7 shooters will focus on the 4K raw to ProRes/DNxHR feature, the firmware update also brings another highly anticipated feature: anamorphic de-squeeze. As NAB 2015 showed us, anamorphic lenses are making a comeback¡ªif they ever really left. To accommodate the anamorphic shooters out there, Atomos has added 2x, 1.5x, and 1.33x de-squeeze modes, as well as an 8:3 mode designed to 2x de-squeezing of footage from the?Panasonic GH4¡¯s 4:3 anamorphic mode. Other new features added by AtomOS6.4 include pre-roll recording, expanded metadata tagging, and the ability to apply LUTs on the video output and in recording.
Please see below for a detailed list of the new features added with the AtomOS6.4 update.

Please see below for a detailed list of the new features added with the AtomOS6.4 update.
1. FS700 and FS7 4K-DCI RAW to ProRes/DNxHR RecordingUsers can take the 12-bit RAW 4K feed from the SDI output on the Sony FS7 and FS700 and record direct to 10-bit 4K ProRes or DNxHR. The linear RAW feed can be recorded as Slog-2, Slog-3, or Rec.709 and supports 24, 25, and 30p frame rates.
2. Anamorphic De-SqueezeWith this update, the Shogun can de-squeeze an anamorphic image from 2x, 1.5x, 1.33x and Panasonic 8:3 modes. Now, rather than having to view horizontally compressed images, you can view the anamorphic footage in its appropriate aspect ratio, letting you accurately frame and monitor your shots while shooting.
3. Pre-Roll RecordingWith pre-roll activated, the Shogun is continually cache recording¡ªup to 8 seconds for HD and 2 seconds for 4K. This is useful for capturing action sports or long wildlife shoots, ensuring you always get the shot even if you hadn’t hit Record yet. It is available in all modes, including RAW.
4. Custom Time Lapse RecordingOne of the more creative features added is video time lapse. With this feature, users have complete control over their time-lapse recording with the ability to adjust the number of frames, time between capturing the next frame, total record time, and clip playback length. The user interface has been optimized to make it easy to set multiple steps, add a smooth transition, and even schedule the recording time.
5. LUTs on Output, Recording, and Split ScreenSince the February firmware update, Shogun users have been able to upload their own LUTs in a ¡°.cube¡± file format to review and measure the effect on the monitor before recording. Now in AtomOS6.4, users are able to view the LUT on the screen, output it for viewing on additional monitors, or even bake it in the recording for ready-to-deliver footage. Additionally, you can bring up a split screen mode? to quickly see the effect of the LUT compared to the original footage.
6. Expanded Metadata TaggingAtomos has expanded the metadata capability of the Shogun to allow for on-the-fly tagging either during recording or during review in playback. This let you save time in post by tagging footage immediately after a shot, or when reviewing footage after your shoot. The ten metadata tags available (Favorite, Reject, Talent 1, Talent 2, Over Exposed, Color Correct, Bad Audio, Cut Away, Close up, Wide shot) allow for key word search in FCPX and can be transferred across to Adobe and AVID using readily available online tools.
7. Genlock ActivatedThe Genlock terminal on the back of the Shogun has been activated to allow for synchronized play-out and playback on the Shogun and other monitors
8. Playlist GenerationPlaying back and reviewing footage on the Shogun has been made easier than ever, thanks to new playlist functionality. Play all clips in recorded order, or hand select a playlist for playback in any order; select either multiple clips, just the Favorite sections of a clip, or a combination of both. Now with the playlist feature, you can show your producer or client the good shots and takes, while ignoring the rest.