Canon C500 and Odyssey7Q 4K Recording Kits

Combining the filmic image quality delivered by the Canon C500 with the impressive recording capabilities of the Odyssey 7Q, this kit creates a nearly seamless shooting/monitoring/recording process for working with 4K RAW video. This kit is available with your choice of either a PL-mount or an EF-mount C500 camera. The camera features a Super-35mm sensor, compatible with almost all modern 35mm cinema lenses, and it can stream 10-bit 4K RAW data to the Odyssey 7Q. At the same time you are streaming the 4K RAW data, you can record proxy files internally. You can also shoot in Canon Log mode, which allows you to work confidently, using a light meter as an exposure guide. The Canon C500 can shoot 4K, 2K, and Full HD, making it a versatile production tool; while the included Odyssey7Q helps you take full advantage of the capabilities of the Canon C500.
The Odyssey 7 recorder combines a 7.7″ OLED monitor with multiple inputs supporting a wide range of input signals, so you are ready to record 4K in ProRess, or uncompressed DPX out of the box, as well as HD¡ªup to four HD streams at the same time. The touchscreen provides you with a large image, while not overwhelming your camera, and the OLED panel delivers deep blacks with a 3400:1 contrast ratio, with built-in focus assist and exposure tools. Codecs allowing Canon RAW, ARRI RAW, Sony FS7/FS700 RAW, and POV RAW are built into the Odyssey, requiring only a license key to unlock them,
The Odyssey 7Q features slots for recording to two Convergent Design SSDs, which this kit includes. It is worth noting that not all SSDs are created equal, and the proprietary Convergent Design SSDs are all tested for compatibility with the Odyssey recorders, which is important, as a simple firmware or controller update by a manufacturer to a production run of SSDs can impact performance or make the SSD incompatible with your device¡ªeven if it is the same model as one that works. Additionally, the Convergent Design SSDs feature built-in power-loss protection that ensures your clip is properly closed, even if you lose power while recording, protecting all the footage on the SSD from corruption from power loss.