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Development Direction of HD Digital TV

Judging from users’ demand for high-definition audio and video entertainment, high-definition and digitalization are one of the inevitable directions for the development of TV. the
Globally, the high-definition television (HDTV) industry and market are growing rapidly. By 2005, the number of global HDTV users had reached 14.5 million, and the market size of the HDTV industry had reached US$42.1 billion. The number of HDTV users and their revenues accounted for an increasing share in the number of digital TV users and revenues year by year.
long momentum. According to the forecast of Parks Associates, in the next few years, HDTV sales will show an explosive trend. By 2009, the market sales will exceed 65 billion US dollars. At present, there are great differences and uncertainties in digital TV standards around the world, including ATSC (8VSB) represented by the United States, DVB-T represented by Europe, ISDB-T in Japan, DMB-T or ADTB-T in China. T (to be determined), cable network digital TV DVB-C and satellite digital TV DVB-S. the
High-definition digital TV technology is developing towards the direction of high integration, high performance and multi-function. In terms of system single chip integration, the main CPU, transmission stream
(TS) demultiplexing, MPEG decoding, analog color demodulation, video signal processing, image display processing and other functions can be integrated into one chip, even digital TV signal demodulation and decoding, analog TV signal demodulation, HDMI reception, analog component Video signal (YPrPb)/RGB reception and audio signal decoding can also be integrated into a single chip, and the chip technology can reach 90 nanometers, or even 65 nanometers technology level. High performance is mainly manifested in faster signal processing speed, more advanced image and sound processing technology, and higher definition display (1080P). In addition to basic digital TV functions, high-definition digital TV will also integrate more functional interfaces, such as USB, SMART Card, 1394/iLINK, hard disk, network interface and H.264/VC1 decoding function. Many functions make it a real Future home multimedia entertainment center. the
High-definition digital TV usually consists of digital TV receiving channel, analog TV receiving channel, audio signal processing and amplification channel, video signal input processing and display output

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