GoPro Introduces HERO+ LCD

Bringing features from the higher-end HERO4 action cameras to the entry-level HERO series, the new HERO+ LCD fills a niche nicely in GoPro¡¯s entry-level product line. While its overall body design is inherited from the HERO action camera, including the integrated 131′ waterproof housing, the HERO+ really separates itself from the HERO with its additional features, the most obvious of which is the inclusion of a built-in LCD touch display. Having an internal display allows for intuitive camera control and accurate framing without the need for other accessories, which could take up space or get lost when not being used. While that difference is externally visible, the new features are not only skin-deep. GoPro has boosted the internal capabilities of the HERO+ with more frame-rate options, including 1080p video at 60 fps, wireless control over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and higher-resolution 8-megapixel photos.

In addition to the HERO+ LCD, GoPro is introducing two new accessories to complement the existing HERO action-camera lineup. For the HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4, the WindSlayer is a flexible foam windscreen that surrounds the body of the camera either while ¡°naked¡± or with The Frame (it will not work with an underwater housing or Skeleton Housing), and improves in-camera audio by cutting down on the annoying wind noise that can crop up in high-speed or high-wind situations.

Built for all GoPro cameras, The Jam is an adjustable mount meant for attaching your GoPro action camera to a musical instrument, a mic, or cymbal stand, or anything else on stage that can hold a clamp. Once secured, the mount can be flexed and swiveled for fine-tuning your framing. With this flexibility, it won¡¯t be difficult to find unique angles to capture your stage performance, studio recordings, or (you guessed it) jam sessions with The Jam mount. It can be used in many non-musical applications, as well¡ªjust about whenever a clamp and a flex-arm are required.?

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