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How to choose a studio microphone? What are the differences between the microphones ?

Whether it is professional recording or home karaoke, the help of a microphone is inseparable. Especially for novices, a microphone with outstanding performance can bring better sound quality and timbre effect, so how to choose a microphone, Xianqi Communication will tell you?

Generally, when purchasing a microphone, indicators such as the type of microphone, sound directivity, usage occasion, and transmission method should be considered. Xianqi Communication shares the five key points that you must know when choosing a microphone. let’s see

Microphones are generally divided into dynamic coil, capacitor, electret, aluminum strip and other types according to the conversion principle. This is the first issue we must consider when choosing a microphone, because different types of microphones have their unique performance and use, resulting in different sound texture. Dynamic microphones are generally low-noise, require no power supply, are simple to use, have stable and reliable performance, and are relatively inexpensive, but their transient response and high-frequency characteristics are not as good as condenser microphones. If you are a beginner, the radio environment is poor and the noise is loud, the dynamic microphone is the best choice.

The condenser microphone has the advantages of ultra-high sensitivity, fast instantaneous response, extremely wide frequency response, ultra-low touch noise, etc., but it is relatively unbearable, afraid of falling and moisture. If you have a great radio environment and need to record high-quality human audio, choose a condenser microphone.

Aluminum microphones, most of which do not require external power supply, can record clear but slightly dim sound, and are often used artistically in recording studios. However, aluminum mics are generally fragile and generally have smaller outputs, so they work better with preamps

Electret microphones are widely used in handheld devices due to their low cost and miniaturization. Electret microphones with integrated FET preamps provide high performance. However, its output signal is weak and its ability to handle the maximum noise voltage is also weak.

where the microphone is used

Before choosing a microphone, we also need to clarify the purpose of our purchase, whether it is used for professional recording, home KTV, live show, etc. Due to different usage requirements, the performance of the technical indicators of the microphone is quite different.

Professional recording: To record professional-level recordings, use a high-quality, suitable

Microphones with vocals and condenser mics provide a clearer and more stable tone, more suitable for professional recording.

In addition, if you need to record radio, it is recommended to choose a smaller diaphragm for more accurate radio; if you want the sound to be warmer and thicker, it is recommended to choose a larger diaphragm for recording to reduce bad sounds