SLR Magic Announces a Full-Frame 50mm Cine Lens for Sony E-Mount

Expanding its lineup of 50mm lenses, SLR Magic announces a compact, lightweight 50mm Cine Lens in Sony E-Mount. Featuring an iris range from f/1.1 to f/16, this lens can be used to capture extremely shallow-depth-of-field effects on cameras with full-frame sensors. The f/1.1 maximum iris is a welcome feature in a compact 50mm Cine lens, especially as it covers full-frame 35mm sized sensors.
Shooting with such a compact and fast lens can put a strain on your focus puller, which makes the built-in cine-standard focus and iris gears a welcome inclusion, as they make the use of an optional follow focus unit possible. The iris, as befitting a cine-style lens, is click-less, which allows you to make smooth iris pulls for seamless exposure changes. In addition to the click-less design, the iris features 13 blades for round out-of-focus highlights and a smooth, pleasing bokeh.
The front of the lens does not rotate as you pull focus, which allows you to use a clip-on matte box without having the matte box rotate. You can also use polarizing filters without having them strobe as you focus. The lens features a 52mm front filter thread that allows you to use filters directly on your lens for a compact shooting package.