Unveiled: GoPro HERO+ and New Accessories

GoPro adds a new sibling to the HERO series, the HERO+. The HERO+ sits between the HERO and the HERO+ LCD, featuring Wi-Fi, which the HERO lacks, but sans LCD screen. For those not familiar with the HERO line, the HERO+ departs from GoPro tradition by incorporating the camera into an integrated waterproof housing, suitable for use at depths up to 131′ (the same rating as the HERO4 Standard Housing). While the housing is not removable, the back door still opens to enable access to the micro-USB port and microSD memory card slot. Furthermore, you can still use virtually all of the same mounts, suction cups, selfie sticks, and other accessories as the interchangeable housing GoPros¡ªthe accessories just need to work with GoPro’s standard three-prong, thumbscrew-tightened mounting interface.
The HERO+ records 1080p60 video¡ªthe mode you’ll probably use the most¡ªby default, and also offers 50, 30, 25, and 720p modes for optimal recording in PAL-region countries or to conserve card space. Used for still photos, the HERO+ snaps shots at 8MP, and has the option for time-lapse, as well as taking 5 fps photo bursts. Being Wi-Fi-enabled means you can remotely control and monitor the HERO+ via the GoPro app and even share what you’ve shot right away.

Realtree Xtra
Realtree Max-5

On the accessories front, GoPro introduces its first Camo Housings, with two patterns to choose from: Realtree MAX-5 ?and Realtree Xtra, which include a QuickClip for mounting on a baseball cap or other 3- to 10mm-thick object. Apart from the finishes, these housings feature the same characteristics as the Standard Housing, offering waterproof protection down to 131′. They are compatible with the HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4.

For the mounting system, GorPro has released a new Ball Joint Buckle. As the name suggests, this simple adapter sits between the quick release buckle and the housing, allowing you to rotate, as well as tilt, the camera independently of how the mount is positioned.

The Tripod Mount, a standard accessory with many bundles, is now available in a kit with a mini tripod. This compact set of “sticks” allows you to set up the camera quickly for low-angle shots or place it on a table or desk. The Tripod Mount itself, meanwhile, adapts any GoPro housing or frame to use a standard 1/4″-20 tripod, monopod, or other piece of camera support equipment. ?

Last is the Portable Power Pack. This on-the-go charging solution contains a 6000 mAh battery and features two 1.5 A USB ports. With a full charge, it will power two GoPros for an estimated two hours, and recharges in as little as four hours. In addition to GoPros, the Power Pack may come in handy as a general-purpose USB power source.