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What is a mixer?

What is a mixer?

The mixer (Mixer), also known as the mixing console, will amplify, mix, distribute, modify the sound quality and process the sound effects of the multi-channel input signal, and then output it through the bus (Master).

The mixer is an important equipment for broadcasting and recording programs in modern radio broadcasting, stage amplification, audio program production and other systems. Mixers can be divided into analog mixers and digital mixers according to the signal output method.

There are differences in the number of input channels, the number of panel function keys, and the output indication of the mixer. In fact, to master the use of the mixer, it is necessary to examine it as a whole. Through actual operation and connection, natural practice makes perfect.

The mixer is divided into three parts: the input part, the bus part, and the output part.

The bus section connects the input section and the output section to form the entire mixing console.