RF Broadcast

Which is better, FM radio or Internet radio?

Wireless FM broadcast: It is a device that transmits broadcast by wireless transmission. It is generally composed of transmitters, transmitting antennas, feeders, FM speakers and other equipment. As long as it is within the coverage of wireless FM signals, FM speakers can be used to receive broadcast signal.
Digital IP network broadcasting: It is based on IP data network and is a pure digital one-way, two-way and multi-way audio sound reinforcement system.

The advantages of FM radio are:
1: Simple installation and convenient maintenance: Wireless FM uses wireless FM signals for networking, just by placing the transmitting antenna at a high point outdoors, you can freely network within the range of wireless FM signals, infinitely expandable, and solve the problem of wired transmission. The problem of broadcast expansion is difficult.
2: Stable performance: Huiqun’s wireless FM broadcast adopts advanced RDS FM technology, and the frequency is accurate and stable.
However, when a wireless FM broadcast is blocked by large obstacles (such as tall buildings, mountains, etc.), the signal will be affected. It is suitable for the needs of relatively flat terrain and a large range.

Each network broadcast point in the digital IP network broadcast is an independent IP network node, has its own independent IP address, and can form an independent broadcast zone. During construction, where there is an IP network, just connect the IP network broadcasting terminal equipment. Where there is no IP network, it is relatively fast to build a simple IP network.

As long as the users of the broadcasting system are authorized by the system administrator, they can broadcast programs to designated areas on their own computer sub-control stations, and can also set up timed tasks to play automatically, and can provide remote maintenance, saving a lot of maintenance. Work.

Pure digital broadcasting system, covering all the functions of traditional broadcasting system. And make full use of WAN resources, you can obtain audio resources on the network anytime, anywhere. Due to the use of network transmission technology, the audio signal has no transmission interference and distortion, and the broadcast distance can be extended indefinitely.