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LMR Series Low Loss RF Coaxial Cable

In the case of high-power communication signal transmission, reducing the loss of the cable is much more cost-effective than increasing the transmission power. Therefore, the design of the cable is constantly improving the parameters of the cable in order to achieve lower loss.

To reduce the loss of the cable, an effective measure is to reduce the dielectric constant of the filling medium. An extreme case is the feeder tube commonly used in radio and television transmission systems. This kind of transmission line uses air medium, and the inner conductor is fixed by some PTFE support rods. Its dielectric constant is close to 1. In the field of mobile communication applications, physical transmission lines are often used The foamed polyethylene (PE) material is used as the filling medium, and its dielectric constant is 1.29-1.64. After the dielectric constant is reduced, how to ensure that the characteristic impedance of the cable is still 50 ohms? It can be seen from the relevant formula that when the dielectric constant is reduced, lg (D/d) must be reduced at the same time. A common method is to increase d, which is the outer diameter of the inner conductor. But the ensuing problem is that the commonly used connectors cannot be suitable for this low-loss cable, so many new RF cables and connector series have appeared.

Regarding low-loss coaxial cables, there is currently no general standard, but it is basically market-led. uncuco produces all kinds of high and low frequency coaxial RF cables, LMR series coaxial cables have the characteristics of low VSWR, low attenuation, and high shielding efficiency.