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Application of Lighting Equipment in TV News Studio


At present, due to the rapid development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED light source lamps, TV studios have also begun to use LED soft light and LED spotlights. Since news studios are mostly responsible for live broadcast tasks, the reasonable update of lighting equipment improves the stability of the entire lighting system and provides a reliable guarantee for good lighting effects. Based on the practical experience of UNCUCO, this paper briefly discusses the application of lighting equipment commonly used in TV news studios.


1. Spotlight

Spotlight is one of the lamps that are widely used and used for a long time. It is still widely used in large TV studios and news studios. It is characterized by high luminous intensity, hard light and high brightness, which can form obvious highlights on the surface of objects. And shadow, suitable for the shape of the character, therefore, it is often used as the outline light of characters or objects in news studios. At present, high-power spotlights are still used as the main light source for the announcer’s contour light. At the same time, 2~3 spotlights should be appropriately used as supplementary light or eye light for the announcer’s face light.

2. LED lamps

With the development of electronic technology and the continuous innovation of lighting equipment, new light source lamps such as led and plasma are gradually put into use in TV lighting. Among them, LED lamps, LED large screens, and LED color screens have been widely used in various large and medium-sized parties. Compared with the mode of adding colored paper for traditional lamps, the color of LED lamps greatly improves the effect of the scene and brings a higher visual experience to the TV party.

3. Lighting control

In the past, the control of the hoisting system was relatively simple, usually manual. After continuous innovation in technology, the current hoisting system is more convenient to operate and has a higher degree of automation. For example, the infrared alignment system can be used to wirelessly control the lifting and lowering of the hanging, and can also control the level, pitch and other actions of the lamp. With the support of technology, only one person can complete the lighting work of the entire studio independently, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of lighting designers. At present, the more advanced equipment, the news studio system with memory storage function, can store parameters such as the projection position and brightness of the lamps where multiple announcers are located. The corresponding design parameters can quickly complete the lighting, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

4. Dimming control

The studio dimming control system refers to the light brightness used to control a large number of lamps in the studio, which can continuously change the visual effects to achieve lighting artistic effects such as simulating nature, creating artistic conception, expressing emotions, and cutting space and time. The dimming control of lamps is the basis for controlling the light ratio and obtaining a perfect TV image. The dimming control system is an important part of the studio lighting system and one of the core technologies of the studio lighting system.

UNCUCO Film and Television Lighting

The above are the lighting requirements and lighting precautions for studio lighting. UNCUCO one-stop procurement + service: complete product categories and complete qualification certification. And has more than 20 lighting designers with more than 5 years of experience and a first-class construction team, providing professional lighting solutions to meet the needs of different scenic spots, different areas, and different program types.

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