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Classification name of fixed assets related to broadcasting and television transmitting equipment.

Hello everyone, today I will explain to you the fixed asset classification names related to broadcasting and TV transmitting equipment contained in the asset classification module in the fixed asset management system.

  1. Broadcasting and TV transmitting equipment 1) Broadcast transmitting equipment: medium wave broadcast transmitter, short wave broadcast transmitter, FM broadcast transmitter, FM stereo broadcast transmitter, FM broadcast transfer station, mobile broadcast transmitter, digital audio broadcast transmitter, other broadcast transmitters; 2), TV transmitting equipment: meter wave TV transmitter, decimeter wave TV transmitter, double sound TV transmitter, TV switch, mobile TV transmitter, digital broadcast TV transmitter, other TV transmitters.
  2. Audio program production and broadcast control equipment 1) Special recording and playback equipment for broadcasting: monophonic professional recorders, dual-channel professional recorders, multi-track professional recorders, synchronous professional recorders, stereo replayers, fast recording duplicators, tape degaussers, motorized recording and interview equipment, etc. Recording and playback equipment for broadcasting; 2), mixer: language recording mixer, film and television dialogue recording mixer, film and television mixed recording mixer, TV broadcast recording mixer, broadcast mixer, stereo mixer, out-of-home recording and tuning Taiwan, other mixers; 3), monitor (unit) 4) Sound processing equipment: sound processing system equipment, multi-channel noise reduction system equipment, delayer, reverb, noise gate, effect synthesizer, other sound processing equipment; 5), radio equipment: diversity receiver, SCA FM radio receiver, other radio equipment; 6), broadcast control equipment: broadcast launch digital broadcast control equipment, broadcast control table, broadcast scheduling table, other broadcast control equipment; 7), other audio program production and broadcast control equipment
  3. Video program production and broadcast control equipment 1), TV recording and TV broadcast center equipment 2) Mobile TV relay and TV broadcast interview equipment 3) VCR 4) Video editing equipment: automatic editing machine, time base corrector, animation video controller, non-linear editing equipment, other video editing equipment; 5) Professional cameras and signal source equipment: broadcast cameras, quasi-broadcast cameras, business cameras, telecine equipment, subtitle signal generators, test signal generators, time check inserters, other professional cameras and signal source equipment; 6), video information processing equipment: special effects information processing equipment, video switching equipment, still image memory, video distribution amplifier, stable amplifier, video noise reducer, chroma key equipment, video converter, video collector, digital TV encoder Decoders, multiplexers, and other video information processing equipment; 7), TV signal synchronization equipment: TV synchronization signal generator, frame synchronizer, pulse distribution amplifier, monopulse system equipment, other TV signal synchronization equipment; 8), other video program production and broadcast control equipment
  4. Multi-task broadcasting, stereo TV and satellite broadcasting and TV equipment 1), multiplex broadcasting equipment 2) Stereo TV equipment 3) Satellite radio and television equipment: collective receiving equipment, uplink station receiving equipment, receiving test station equipment, popular satellite radio and television receiving additional devices, and other satellite radio and television equipment.
  5. Cable TV distribution system equipment 1) Shared antenna TV system equipment 2) One-way cable TV system equipment 3) Two-way cable TV system equipment 4) Optical cable TV distribution system equipment 5) Other cable TV distribution system equipment
  6. Application of TV equipment 1) Universal application TV equipment: black and white application TV equipment, color application TV equipment, and other general application TV equipment; 2) TV monitoring equipment for special environment applications: low-light TV equipment, high temperature TV equipment, explosion-proof TV equipment, anti-corrosion TV equipment, moisture-proof TV equipment, radiation-proof TV equipment, underground TV equipment, underwater TV equipment, and other special environment application monitoring equipment; 3) Special function application TV equipment: reconnaissance TV equipment, measurement TV equipment, tracking TV equipment, microscopic TV equipment, medical TV equipment, computer information processing and analysis standard storage system TV equipment, still image transmission TV equipment, other special function applications television equipment; 4) TV equipment for special imaging applications: X-ray TV equipment, ultraviolet TV equipment, infrared TV equipment, ultrasonic TV equipment, laser TV equipment, microwave imaging TV equipment, and other special imaging application TV equipment; 5), other application TV equipment
  7. Video products 1), TV: black and white TV, color TV; 2), projection TV: black and white projection TV, color projection TV; 3) Popular video recorder 4) Camera 5) Camcorder 6), monitoring equipment: color monitoring equipment, black and white monitoring equipment, other monitoring equipment; 7) Flat panel display equipment: liquid crystal display equipment, electroluminescence display equipment, light emitting diode display equipment, fluorescent diode display equipment, electric screen, other flat panel display equipment; 8), TV turntables: video players, laser video disc players, other TV turntables; 9), other video products
  8. Audio equipment 1) Recorder and player: reel-to-reel video recorder, pocket mono cassette recorder, portable mono cassette recorder, desktop mono reel recorder, pocket stereo cassette recorder, portable stereo cassette recorder, desktop stereo box audio recorder, car radio player, loop player, card player, single player, voice repeater, other recorders; 2), semiconductor radio 3) Tube radio 4), audio power amplifier equipment 5), record player 6) Audio and TV combined machine 7) Microphone equipment 8) Power amplifier equipment 9), other audio equipment
  9. Other radio and television equipment The above is a detailed explanation of the fixed asset management system_asset classification name (radio and TV transmission equipment articles), I hope it can help everyone!

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