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FM Radio Transmitter Overview

The FM radio transmitter is composed of different signal equipment, mainly composed of high-frequency equipment, low-frequency equipment, and power supply equipment. High-frequency equipment and low-frequency equipment cooperate with each other to complete signal transmission and amplification in an orderly manner. Among them, the main oscillator is mainly responsible for signal transmission, and the modulator is mainly responsible for signal amplification and signal transmission. If the transmitter is classified according to the principle of the circuit, it can be divided into digital type transmitter and analog type transmitter. The specific parts include audio processors, couplers, filters, amplifiers, phase-locked voltage controllers, CPU control units, stereo encoders, etc.

  1. Launch distance The coverage of the FM transmitter needs to be judged according to factors such as the height of the antenna, the power of the transmitter, the climate of the transmission location, and the geographical conditions of the transmission area. Usually, the coverage of the signal is wider in flat and open terrain; in hilly and mountainous areas, the coverage of the signal will be reduced. Take the 3kW FM transmitter as an example, its transmission distance is generally about 60km, affected by the topography, the transmission distance will be larger or smaller.  The normal operation of FM radio plays an important role in building a new type of confident society. In view of the frequent equipment failures of the transmitter, relevant staff need to strengthen the daily management of the equipment, find out the problems in operation in time, and solve them in time. Strengthen the management of power supplies, exciters, circuits, and high-frequency equipment, and use active means to prevent transmitters from malfunctioning. By maintaining the stable operation of the transmitter, it enhances the performance of FM radio and promotes the sustainable development of the FM radio industry. 

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