Evaluation and production methods of flat panel booster antenna

The evaluation and production methods of the flat-panel booster antenna are complete. It seems that the finished antenna still has advantages. The antenna looks nice. Make some suggestions for improvement:

1. The aluminum plate behind the antenna is glued to the casing, which is not easy to disassemble. It is recommended to seal and fix with screws and rubber pads.

2. When transporting (packaging), put a plywood board that is larger than the shape inside to prevent the edge from being damaged (the aluminum plate on the edge of mine is slightly damaged). Or add protective packaging on the four corners.

3. The pole installation fixture on the back is made of stainless steel, and the cost is too high. Maybe someone else needs a wall mount, or a table top (I just need a table top). This part can be bought as an accessory when needed, and the price can be reduced a lot.

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