Simple directional antenna production method sharing

A simple and convenient method of making a radio antenna, the effect is very good, and it is now posted to share with everyone. the
Conditions: If your home has aluminum alloy windows, balcony windows or metal anti-theft windows, you can start preparing. the
Preparations: hand drill or electric drill, drill bit (Φ3mm), screwdriver, round head self-tapping screws (available in aluminum alloy stores), spacers, several long single-strand wires (remove the double-strand flower wires) . Universal glue, transparent glue. One sheet of A4 copy paper. the

  1. In the inconspicuous corner of the aluminum alloy window, balcony window or metal anti-theft window, drill a hole with a drill bit, strip off the 4-5CM long copper wire from one end of the wire, wrap it on the round head self-tapping screw, and fix it on the drilled hole. On the eye, the upper gasket can ensure a firmer crimping. the
  2. Then pull the wire to the place where you often listen to the radio (bedside, desk or other places), and keep as much length as possible. When in use, just wrap the wire end on the radio rod antenna for a few turns (note: do not peel the wire at this end, do not expose the copper wire, and ensure that the insulation sheath is intact), if you want to be more delicate, you can press described method to do. the
  3. Cut the copy paper into 8CM*8CM pieces, wrap the radio rod antenna into a cylinder, and fix it with transparent glue (note: it is to prevent the paper cylinder from spreading, not to fix the paper cylinder and the antenna), and connect the wire head Wrap about 10 turns on the cylinder, like a spring, and fix it with all-purpose glue to prevent it from falling apart, so that it becomes a sleeve antenna that can be put on and taken off at any time. the
    Effect: Even if the rod antenna of the radio is not pulled out, as long as the sleeve antenna is put on the rod, the FM and SW effects are very good. On February 24th, at 8:45 in the morning, BBC SW 1528MHZ played Enya’s “How can I keep from sin ging?” (How can I not sing?), I use 9701 to listen, the sound quality is beautiful, the noise is almost inaudible, almost the same as the local FM station. the
    I now use this method to make two antennas, one is on the bedside, listen to it with PL757A; the other is on the desk, use R9701 or Dissun 1010 (Disson’s product ten years ago, the volume is as big as R9700, once frequency conversion, But the sensitivity and selectivity of SW are as good as R9701, the sound is loud, and the sound quality is better than 757A and 9701). the
    Principle: Using aluminum alloy windows, balcony windows or metal anti-theft windows, a huge frame antenna is made.

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