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List of professional recording studio equipment

I believe many people are curious, how much equipment is needed to be called a professional recording studio? Many people who like to record want to build their own professional recording studio, so what does a professional personal recording studio have? The following editor will introduce you to the recording equipment that a professional recording studio should have.

1. Computer: The configuration of the computer for recording does not need to be very high. Now all P4 series can be used, and the memory can be used with 256M (dual monitors are recommended), but there must be a CD recorder.​​

2. Mixer: The mixer is the core part of the recording studio. Without it, you basically can’t complete the recording task.​​

3. Professional sound card: ordinary civilian sound card cannot meet the sound quality required by the recording studio. It is best to need more than 6 channels of input and 6 outputs. The sound card does not need to have too many functions, but it must be driven stably and the sound quality is good!

4. Monitor speakers: Professional monitor speakers are different from ordinary civilian HiFi speakers. Even the very expensive civilian home theater speakers are not suitable for use in recording studios because they are not standard.

5. Condenser microphone: This microphone is very sensitive and requires 48V power supply. The singer needs to keep a certain distance from the microphone. A microphone can actually meet the general recording needs.​​

6. Microphone amplifier: The microphone amplifier actually has a lot to do with the sound quality recorded in the studio.​​

7. Vocal effect device: The vocal effect device is mainly used to add effects to the recorded singing. Although effects can also be added in the software, the sound quality calculated by the software is far less warm and broad than the sound produced by the hardware.​​

8. Headphones: Headphones include professional monitoring headphones for recording engineers and headphones for singers. Although the headphone splitter will not have any effect on the sound quality of the recording in the recording studio, it is indispensable. Because the headphones of all recording singers must be connected to the headphone splitter, otherwise the headphones will not be able to make sound. A headphone splitter can connect 4-12 headphones.

Other equipment also includes VCD machine, DVD machine, deck, CD machine, MD machine, VOD karaoke machine, TV, DV camera, etc.

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