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The digital audio workstation which closest to the sound of an analog mixing desk

Bad is a single from American singer Michael Jackson’s third English-language album Bad. Following the success of the album, fans began calling Michael the “King of Pop.”

Released on August 31, 1987, the album was recorded and mixed by Bruce Swedien using a Harrison console.

Harrison Console

The Harrison analog mixer was legendary in that era, and all kinds of well-known albums were produced by its recording mixes. Today in this article we talk about the past and present of Harrison mixers.

Harrison Music Consoles was founded in 1975 by David Harrison. Harrison music consoles are known for their pristine analog sound.

The first Harrison 32 series console was delivered in 1975, and the Harrison 32 was the world’s first 32 console. Marks the first milestone achieved by Harrison engineers in a technological breakthrough. Harrison music consoles are known for their technological superiority, capturing a significant share of the overall world market for high-end audio mixing consoles.

Harrison Systems was acquired by GLW Incorporated in 1989. GLW retains the Harrison brand name. GLW subsequently launched many excellent products. Its products involve album production, film soundtrack dubbing, post-production of TV programs and many other fields.

Harrison first entered the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) market in 2009 with the digital audio workstation Mixbus. Mixbus is a full-featured DAW that incorporates many of Harrison’s mixing techniques.

Harrison launched the Mixbus32c in 2016 and has since updated to Harrison Mixbus 32C 4 v4.3.19. Mixbus 32C is closer to analog sound than Mixbus.

I used Harrison Mixbus 32C 4 and its built-in effector to mix and compress several rock songs. The loudness analysis is very practical. The built-in effector can really bring a very good auditory impact. The overall sound mixing is close to analog mixing. sound quality of the console. In addition, the new version also has a great improvement in midi production, which is more user-friendly as a whole and more user-friendly. It is strongly recommended for friends who like analog sound quality to use. The software supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

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