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Why do so many people still use analog consoles for mixing?

Using an analog mixer aside from sound quality and installing X is usually a route. When recording, it is used as a return adjustment (using the FX channel) when mixing, switching comparison monitoring, switching mono, comparing mixing DEMO and so on. Said that the sound quality is generally 1, coloring (the origin of TRACKING) 2, SUMMING (multi-channel summation processor) 3, playback sound quality

1, coloring problem,the 1608 mentioned in the question is used in the studio where I work, but it is For recording, to be precise, it provides routing functions for playback and playback and the famous 312 mic preamp with 16 APIs, which has nothing to do with mixing. And the sound quality of the mixer is colored on the back of the material when I evaluated the TC’s big twist.

API PAD – Re-recorded material from INSERT OUT after attenuating the PAD value.

API FADER – Re-recorded material from INSERT OUT after fader is used.

API ECHO SEND – Use the API’s send track to adjust the looped material to the same level as the other material (more on that later).

DEMO-8 – Use PRO TOOLS’ GAIN function to attenuate exported material directly.

TC – The exported material is attenuated with the big TC knob.

From this, you can know what the dyeing of more than 300,000 units looks like.

My subjective hearing test is under two systems, PC system MBOX MINI+ Sennheiser 650 MAC system PRO TOOLS 192+GENELEC1038. As a result, the only thing that can clearly hear the difference is API ECHO SEND, which is indeed worse than other tracks, mainly in the density of the mid-low frequency, the dynamic expression of the whole section, and the appearance of the trumpet. time UHF extension. The PAD one has a little more mid-low frequency in some places than the others.

From this, are you ready to surprise your music with a coloring that you can judge more than three times?

2. SUMMING, this is a concept that has been hyped up in the digital age. It is generally believed that the track summation system of a good mixing console is due to the summation system of sequencers such as PRO TOOLS. How blurry, how unclear. So we launched a series of SUMMING BOX, so that you don’t need to buy the whole mixer to get the SUMMING part, spit out multi-tracks to this machine through the sound card, and then mix it into stereo for you. I have listened to SSL’s SUMMING BOX, which is used on a table with API. I have done a blind listening test of NEVE 88RS and PRO TOOLS. My master and I have used two systems, 1038 and STAX electrostatic diaphragm headphones, and the blind listening judgment is correct. rate is 30%. In other words, I can only admit that SUMMINGBOX is effective, but makes the sound amazing? Also think too much.

3. Playback sound quality, this is a very bluffing point. It is undeniable that a good mixer will have better playback sound quality. I have compared the playback sound quality of MACKIE, SONY, and 1608, and MACKIE will obviously reduce the sound density. SONY high frequency will have a special relatively hard color, 1608 is the best reduction (all contrast in-line speakers without any equipment). Of course, I also heard that a mixer who uses RUPERT NEVE 5088 said that his console is just pushing the volume, mainly because he thinks that the sound quality of the console is the same when the volume is high or low, which is very good (but this statement completely violates the Psychoacoustics, the human physiological structure is that the frequency response curve tends to be flat when the volume is high, and the high and low frequency sensitivity decreases when the volume is small).

Finally I expand a little, if a good mixer gives them almost the same equipment they can work, if a mixer leaves a certain equipment and becomes a club then the only reason is that he is a club . A while ago, I had a case to go to Hollywood for mixing. My colleague accompanied me as a translator. Warner’s chief mixing engineer BOBBY did the job and rented the famous village (Village Studios). The equipment is so simple that it is all MIX IN THE BOX, no Using any hardware equipment, a large number of UAD effect cards are used, and the monitoring is a two-way PMC. The advantage of using all soft effects is that it can be connected with his HOME STUDIO, and the project can be taken home and adjusted according to the home monitoring system. Treasures are in their heads.

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